More Predictable Results

You would never invest your own money in a stock or mutual fund without first looking at the numbers to see if it was performing well or delivering a solid ROI?  Well your business decisions are no different and should never be made blindly. That's why we've built in powerful reporting functions for every aspect of your business - from your website to your eCommerce, your email marketing to your lead management.

It's Seamless and it's Integrated

Many analytics packages require you to add complex tracking codes to all your pages and your shopping cart. What Marketer has time for that?  No worries...  all the powerful reporting functionality that every business needs is right here, ready to go.

Analyze and Optimize Your Business Performance

Pageviews and unique visitors are just the beginning. We show you your top performing pages, most popular products, sales and order volumes, newsletter subscription losses and gains, web form submission volume - everything you need to know to improve your business results.

An Informative Dashboard

We've prepared a dashboard that gives you a birds eye view of your online business. With key metrics and charts, plus your live feed of customer activity, it's easy to hear the heartbeat of your online business.

Generate eCommerce and Customer Reports

Use our out-of-the-box reports or create customized ones to drill down deeply into your site's performance. You can then save and export your reports for further analysis in your spreadsheet program.