Web Content Management

Take Command of Your Website

Whether you run a start-up, a not-for-profit, or a Fortune 500 company, chances are your aim is to engage your visitors with content that grabs their attention and builds interest. Your job is figuring out how to connect with your audience in a way they will find fresh, helpful, and informative. Success means creating interest and turning it into brand equity.  Gravity Factor is the leading web content management system which allows non-technical users to take control of their websites and focus on creating communications that deliver results.

 Take Control

We've paid special attention to give business owners and marketers alike, a simple way to manage their online content. In fact, if you can use a word processor, you can edit your own website - without a programmer or any special tools.  Our WYSIWYG editor and SiteCrawler capabilities make it simple to edit your site. You view your website just like your customer does, then click edit when you want to make changes. You can change images, fonts and even HTML code if you want.  Our workflow and approval capabilities allow you to give as much or as little control to the content management process as you see fit.


Our flexible templates allow you to "skin" your web pages, forums, blogs and more. Templates are a great way to centralize common website elements like navigation menus, page headers and footers and so on, saving you time and keeping your site consistent.  So when you hear templates, don't think "fixed" look and feel. Our CMS will work with any design or look and feel, so you control the layout of your website, eCommerce store, your blog, forums and more. You can easily move, add and remove elements at any time.


 Complete Design Control

Don't worry marketers... You don't need to know HTML or CSS, but your web designer probably does! So you can happily tell them that they have complete control, from the opening <HTML> tag to the closing one. They can upload and use their CSS files and use any Javascript or Flash objects they like!  Our CMS is code agnostic, so code away webmasters.  Code away.