Nurture Prospects Into Sales-Ready Leads

When it comes to building relationships that last, using traditional Email Marketing products like Outlook or Constant Contact for Email Marketing simply will not meet the needs of today's marketer.  With Gravity Factor you can quickly and easily create triggered multi-step, multi-channeled campaigns that nurture your prospects and deepen customer relationships.  Create compelling personalized communications using our template wizard, our WYSIWYG editor or even copy and paste your own HTML.

Don't forget the most often overlooked aspect of Email Marketing... deliverability.  There's simply no point is sending your communications if they don't make it to the inbox.  The Marketing Experts at GF use the latest technology to manage every aspect of deliverability to ensure that your important communications get delivered to the Inbox every time.

Our sophisticated reporting framework keeps you tuned in so you know the immediate ROI of your campaigns.  We track everything from open to bounce to click-through rates and we even report on visitor patterns so you know who is visiting your site and what they are looking at.  Everything you need to measure performance and optimize future campaigns for greater success is included.

Is Gravity Factor CAN-SPAM compliant?  You bet we are.  We have self-service opt-in/opt-out mechanisms, along with double opt-in mechanisms to ensure that you're only sending requested communications.