Inbound Marketing Summit

Inbound Marketing Summit


Inbound Marketing Summit

September 8, 2008

Who should attend?

The Inbound Marketing Summit is designed for Marketing Professionals and Company Executives looking to learn effective marketing techniques and strategies to grow their business.

Why attend?

The Internet has transformed the purchasing process. Ten years ago, companies reached their consumers through trade shows, print advertising, and other traditional marketing methods. These Outbound Marketing methods - where you push your message to a wide audience in the hopes of interrupting your market and getting a small percentage to respond - are becoming less and less effective.  People are getting better at ignoring outbound, interruption-based marketing messages, and instead start their shopping experience online - in the search engines, blogosphere, and social media sites.  In order to remain competitive, businesses need to be found on the web and leverage Inbound Marketing techniques to reach customers with targeted messages that customers seek out, not ignore. Shopping patterns have changed, and it's time for Marketing to catch up.

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